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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Our goal is to make our guests' stay as pleasant as possible . This also means that you should know exactly what services we provide, what we stand for and what obligations you have towards us .
Only these terms are part of the contract , any terms and conditions of the customer are not recognized , they apply to all of the hotel's services.
Has appointed a third party for a customer , he is liable to the hotel with the customer and severally liable. The hotel may require the customer and / or the third party a reasonable advance payment up to 100 % of the total price . It is required that the advance payment made ​​no later than eight weeks prior to performance and this is not done , then the hotel has the right to relet the room .
A sub -letting and a resale or a forwarding requires the written consent of the hotel .
The contract is completed, as soon as the room / or ordered and confirmed , if confirmation lack of time is no longer possible , provided / to be .
Option dates are binding on both parties .
The Mein Berghof reserves the right to reallocate after the option data , the reserved room .
  The guest has to deal with the decor of the hotel and the room carefully and especially to avoid gross contamination and damage. If still out to contamination or damage , beyond the normal level of use , after the departure of the guest , the hotel is entitled to charge the customer the cost of repair or replacement costs for cleaning subsequently charged.
The demands of the hotel shall be due and payable on departure. For a whole month rented room must be paid in advance. Unused services are not paid by the customer on departure, the credit card charge is subsequently possible without the customer's signature , and the completion of the accommodation contract in this case is also your consent to the credit card.
Or for services booked through a hotel booking contract rented room the agreed fee is also payable if the booking is canceled later, the customer or the customer does not appear ( Â § 552 BGB). The amount saved expenses of the hotel lodging with or without breakfast at 20%.
  The purchaser will only be released from its obligation to pay if the hotel confirms the cancellation in writing.
The cancellation policy for hotel rooms : Cancellation 0 - 10 days before arrival 80% of the total price 11 - 20 days prior 65%, 21 - 30 days prior 50 % , 31 - 40 days before 25 % over 40 days ago 0 %.

Wi-Fi availability :
In our house is basically a wireless system available . If in the event of a technical fault no Internet access possible are expressly excluded claims for damages against the hotel . Also a reduction in the room rate for this reason is not possible.

a) The hotel is anxious to accomplish Wake-up calls with the diligence of a prudent businessman. b ) For the attention of customers Messages, mail and merchandise deliveries are being treated with care. The hotel assumes a fee, storage, delivery and forwarding of the same .
c ) left behind by the customer will only be available on request , risk and expense of the customer . The hotel will store items for six months . Thereafter, the property , if any value , handed over to the local lost property office .
d) Any liability to a) - c) is excluded .
The hotel is liable for the due care of a prudent businessman. Should disruptions or defects in the performance of the hotel occur, the hotel will endeavor to a breach of the customer to remedy the situation .
Regardless of the § § 701 ff BGB , the hotel is only liable in case of intent or gross negligence.
  In the case of force majeure (fire , strikes , etc.) or any other of the hotel is not responsible backgrounds , or the hotel debilitating circumstances (eg Rufgefährdung ), especially those outside the sphere of influence of the hotel, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the contract withdraw , without the customer a claim such as entitled to damages.
Reserved rooms are available to the customer from 14 00 clock. By express agreement of course earlier . You must be vacated by 11.00 on departure day clock . The rooms are not up to the customer at 11.00 clock at the latest to the hotel , for a further use of the room ( not through the timely evacuation of the room is created ) to 15.00 clock half the room charge , from 15:00 clock the full room . Unless otherwise agreed was a later arrival time 19.00 clock as the hotel has the right to assign rooms booked after 19.00 clock otherwise if the customer did not inform in advance in writing that they arrive after 19:00 clock .. The customer is not entitled to a certain room .
The agreed prices in Euros are inclusive of sales tax ( VAT) .
If the period between conclusion and performance of six month, the hotel reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.
Not by the calendar due invoices are payable within 10 days from the invoice date . Default occurs 10 days after the due date and receipt of an invoice or an equivalent request . From the account falls into arrears with 5% is to be paid above the base rate of the European Central Bank , if not the hotel a higher or the customer proves a lower default damage . For each reminder after default occurs, a reminder fee of 5 euros is payable.
Jurisdiction for both parties is the court of Hagen . German law applies .
Correction of mistakes , misprints and calculation errors is reserved.
Deviating agreements or ancillary agreements must be in writing to be effective . Should individual provisions of the contract - including these terms and conditions - be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions . The parties are the invalid provisions by valid replaced immediately , coming as close as possible to the invalid .

As of 01.01.2011