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Exquisite wines

Wine of Weiss:

Bacchus cabinet mild
Albiger Petersberg, Germany
Delicate yellow, stamped by soft counterfeit bill smell and citrus fruits,
clear and fruit sweetly at the palate

Riesling QbA dry

Wine-growing estate spleen, Germany
Bright yellow with green reflexes, crisply fresh Moselriesling
with a stimulating smell of apples and apricots,
easy and refreshing
Pinot Grigio dent Venezie IGT dry
La Colombaia, Italy
bright yellow, soft fruity Italian grey Burgundian with discreet
nussigen notes and piquant acid
Chardonnay Cuvée prestige AOC dry
Bourgogne, France
clear yellow, fine tasty and mineral Chardonnay with flavours of Pineapple and honeydew melon, powerful white one with considerable length

Cry red: 

Thorn fields QbA semi-dry, Germany
Stamp a mild sweet and extensive dark berry this German
Red wine. Harmony bundle!
Pinot noir QbA dry
Wachtenburg, Germany
ruby red, juicy Pinot noir with kind typical
Cherry taste and discreet almond flavours
Beaujolais AC dry
Domaine Tonneliéres, France
Beaujolais refreshing ruby red with a vigorous cherry fruit,
fine seasoning and forceful acid
Chianti DOCG dry
San Lorenzo, Italy
dark ruby red, juicy accessible Chianti with a ripe sour cherry fruit
and fine balmy note, a typical Chianti
Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon dry,
San Juan, Osaado, Argentina
Undercoat crimson red of a mature berry,
flanked by clear toast seasoning a replete red wine gives up

Wine Rose:
Black Riesling white autumn QBA semi-dry
Dürrenzimmerner feigning mountain, Germany
Salmon pink immensely refreshing and more stimulatingly pink,
at the palate berry fruity and slim
Premium supply:
Sancerre AOC, 2007
Domaine Franck Millet, France
Peach, mirabelle, tender herbs and cassis flavours.
Fresh, stimulating and elegant.
Chateauneuf you Pape, 2005
Domaine Chante Cigale, France
Purple. Sweet berries, cherries, cedar, herbs.
Restrained tanning substance and Säurestruktur. Lavish!

The world of the wines
The king of the sparkling wines is undoubtedly the champagne. But Crémant, champagne and Cava as well as Prosecco are produced according to the same manufacturing method: The method Champenoise. The champagne is different by his protected designation of origin,
the AOC (appeal this ' Origine Contrôlée). The champagne means you that added in the Champagne from only
may grapes be established and must be filled also in the Champagne and reaped. The statutes of the AOC Champagne fix as well the type of vine mirror from which champagne may be pressed. The three gängigsten
Types of vine are the Pinot Noir (Pinot noir), Pinot Meunier (miller shoot) and the Chardonnay. So champagne is a sparkling wine which is pressed predominantly from red grapes. This is not stipulated, however, mandatorily: Provided that a winegrower presses his champagne only from Chardonnay, he gets a Blanc de Blancs. The manufacturing method reconciles champagne with Sekt & Co. At first a basic wine is pressed. This happens as in the case of the regular one
It is up to wine preparation, the winegrowers, whether they improve the wines in the steel tank or in the wood barrel. After these wines are by fermented, they are bottled with a little sugar and yeast. One speaks about the second fermentation here. The carbonic acid which arises from the sugar in the bottle with the help of the yeast cannot escape. The bottles are shaken daily on a rattling desk to impede the yeast to stand out. Today, this usually happens mechanically, only few houses still rattle by hand. If the second fermentation is completed in the bottle, one removes the surplus yeast from the bottle. One calls this process Degorgieren. One replaces the liquid with a quiet wine reserve (Dosage) which is lost. She is the secret of every vintner since she stamps the taste of the champagne.