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Apelern lies embedded and bending mountain between Deister, Süntel.
The room in and around Apelern has finds from the middle and younger Stone Age as well as bronze times barrows hergeben, this expels on a settlement during the Proto-Germanic time in the 2nd millennium v. Chr. hin.Im 8th century n. Chr. was the heartland of the Saxons here, Immedinger extended family had his possessions in the Widukind and his.

These Saxons defended her heathen faith with great obstinacy so that the pope Stephan wrote to the franc kings: The Saxons are a disloyal stinking nation this one is not even classed as the nations and of this one the leprous have certainly your origin.
Himself nevertheless could very early einzelene parishes durchstzen. So Apelern becomes documentarily mentions n. Chr. to the first 866. It was the centre of a gigantic parish. Even 797 is mentioned the delivery of a certain quantity of barley n. Chr. in the lex Saxonum CXIX under § 11 probably for the Bierbrauung. Only Apelern is the only place where Sacharo, the tax-paying Diozo, had to do Alfheri undthiedbern a delivery from Apelern to barley under the Minden abbot.

It is reported from church history that Charlemagne at 780 assigned the christianisation to the clergymen in Lippspringe from franc.

These set up in the heathen painting city of Apelern one baptizes and Buckigau made of wood was prayers church, these like in the whole one. The Jahrtausenwende was the turning point of the building material. Under the rule of the Billunger the first stone church came into being in Apelern around this time, it was a simple hall building.
Die jetzige Kirche enstand um 1150. The significance of this church by her property is mentioned by a deed of gift Albrecht of the bear 1162. His church meaning lost Apelern approx. 112 years ago, 1887, this was Lauenau abgetrennt.In Apelern is residently also the sex of the v. yarn-spinner, first 1183 wird. mentions the castle v. yarn-spinner 1560 was built. The sex of the v. is hammer stone the already 958 residently the first is mentioned and at the 30.07.1673 the Wietersheimersche good in Apelern purchased as near here. The 30.-year war also left his traces in Apelern.

The terrible pock year came, were this to record 153 deaths in the parish Apelern after that. The first school will be here presumable in front of approx. 400 years enstanden.
A flat is allocated to a Rector together with garden in the tax book of 1770 with whom the children go to school, mentioned. Apelern has our village shall become already some first places more beautifully occupiedly at the competitions.

The place counts approx. 1200 inhabitants today and still disposes of a school as well as a great sports ground with multi-purpose hall. 14 organizations and associations provide an ample culture offer.